Thursday, December 17, 2009

susah kalau org tak faham

entahla, i dont know what to say. sometimes, people really cannot understand other people's conditions. they think its easy to do everything without thinking the cost,consequences,etc. wat i just need from u is actually some thought and understand our conditions.PLEASE. Sometimes we cannot do the things right away. there are other things that have to be thought of other than the others. i just hope u can understand.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


OK. My latest entry after leaving this blogging thing for about a month or maybe more. iam going to tell u guys about my new experience of watching theatre. it was CUCI CUCI THE MUSICAL. Well, the people who's working behind the stage most of them were artists. they were dato zahim albakri,dato' yasmin yusoff, hans isaac, harith iskandar and more. couldnt list it all. It was a great experience of watching them in front of me LIVE. wush. At first i was thinking of watching it on thursday night with ija and hazirah. But since, the tickets sold out and I cant afford to buy the rm113 seat, so, we just went back to my house with a very dissapointed feeling. But, as a precaution, we bought two tickets at first for me and hazirah on sunday evening so that we can catch up to watch the musical theatre. Ija was not buying it as she THOUGHT she doesnt want to watch it on sunday. But, we convinced her not to miss out to watch the last day of the theatre, she then bought two tickets more for her and nadia.

And today, all the four of us went to istana budaya which is the glamour name is IB, we went there and watched them all. The players that were involved in this theatre were Hans Isaac, Afdlin Shauki,AC Mizal, Awie,Vanida Imran,Adibah Noor,Harith Iskandar, Ramli hassan and also not to forget the one and only the ESPN Host, Reefa. As what had been thought before, it will be a lot of fun to watch it on the last day as all the players really put a lot of efforts in the musical. It was SUPERB!!!!! I give them two thumbs up as it really2 impressed me and the others. not to say that they are not doing their best on the other days. It is just that, this time, they did it really all out. Even my friends who watched it for two times on different days which once in the weekdays and the other one was today, they said, there are difference. Their ad-libs were really funny. And they also did a lot of ad-libs. It was so funny until I couldnt stop laughing.

Met a bunch of artists today other than the players. they were yasmin yusoff, Rashidi Ishak, who is the husband of Vanida Imran,Douglas Lim, Stephen Rahman and others. I dont want to miss the chance of snapping photos with them, so we bought the book for rm10 and we queue to take their autographs. It was a long queue. It was now my turn to meet them and first was Harith Iskandar. He was sooo sporting. and....... chill, dude. then to Ramli Hassan, AC, Awie( so rock), Hans (wow, he's really handsome man), Afdlin (i dont know somehow i feel like his character is like my dad), Vee,Reefa,and lastly Adibah Noor. took pictures with them. And not to forget, i took a picture with Rashidi too.

But the photos are not with me now, so,i'll upload it later after taking it from my friend. As for the overall review, it was really FANTASTIC and for those who didnt watch it, you missed the chance to see a great musical that was done by Malaysians. I admit that their achievement are still not in par with other great great musical such as Phantom Of The Opera, CATS, and all but this is a great start for us to support our country and people. Other than PGL, CUCI CUCI THE MUSICAL can also be a great achievement by malaysian people. GREAT job guys. About their quality of voices, their voice were really nice and the person that made me stunned was Vanida Imran. Never thought that she has a great voice. Her voice was really nice and Afdlin too. As i know that, Hans and Afdlin and also Ramli Hassan are not singers, they really did nice job with their singings. Im sorry if they are singers cause as far as I know, they are not. Whatever it is, it was great. Im wondering if they do sell the soundtracks of the songs that they sang in the theatre as I really love the songs.

As my interest is to be one of the people working backstage and design stage, looking at the props, it was fantastic. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It makes me speechless. Im waiting for the day that i can be one of the person who did all that. And lastly, CUCI CUCI THE MUSICAL was really x100 GREAT and it was my pleasure that I got the opportunity to watch it. CONGRATULATIONS once again for ur achievements. mind my english. its getting worse day by day as i rarely practice writing nowadays.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


wishing selamat hari raya to all muslims. after da puasa for one month, hope u guys had a great foods and dishes for ur raya. di kesempatan ini, saya ingin memohn maaf di atas segala kesalahan saya yang mungkin juga telah menyakitkan hati any pihak. sorry for the wrong things that i've done samada sengaja ataupun tidak. selamat hari raya kepada family ku, kepada kedua nenek ku samada yang berada di johor mahupun di kelantan. kepada makcik2 ku,pakcik2 ku, cousin2 ku yang tersayang yang berada di johor. have fun there. and also to all the family in kelantan. tahun ni raya balik kelantan. other than that to all my friends either n malaysia or other places. selamat hari raya. and to all yang ada kat overseas tu, jgn menangis di pagi raya. hehe.

ok, here is the story. went back to kelantan on friday. but actually we had a night in cameron highland to avoid from the busy traffic. so, we packed our bag and went to cameron on friday. slept there for one night and the next mornng, early in the morning we continued our journey to kelantan. the road was not so busy as my dad was driving in the morning from perak. but, from what had been told to us, if we all bertolak dari kl on saturday early in the morning or on friday morning, jalan jam teruk. so, alhamdulillah the decision that was been made by abah was correct. kami tak menempuh jam. arrived kat kelantan about 11 to 12. and relax time.

first day raya, i woke up a bit late. at 8am, woke up, and took a bath, after my dad balik dari sembahyang raya, we all bersalam salaman and took pictures. the picture was been captured by our proffesional photographer which is my uncle, anjang. and look at the quality of the photo even without touch up or editted. took the chance to learn about dslr. he has a lot of experience using the camera as he used to be working with utusan malaysia and also some of the local magazines' company as a photographer. i've learned a lot. but, the problem is only now, i dont have dslr or owned it. so, have to practice first by using other peoples' la.
after took our family pictures, we went to kota bharu to visit my dad's friends' houses.

with family belah kelantan

the next day, we continued on our journey and raya here and there but unfortunately, i didnt have any chance to visit to my friends' houses. jalan jam la, nak kejar masa la, and other problems. and that night, we were being told that they wanted to do something like bbq. so, we have to go back early la. and that night kami ada sikit makan2 kat toksu's house.great night to entighten our family bond. got the chance to use Nikon D3. bukan senang nak pegang that camera. the price cost around 5 digits of rm. wooosh. cannot afford la. asal dapat pegang pun consider lucky.

haziq and rafiq

and today, on tuesday kami bergerak balik ke kl. and alhamdulillah again, Allah really helps us as when we were on our way to kl, my atok called my dad and told him that, her house naik air. alhamdulillah we were not stucked in banjir. kalau tak, agak susah la nak balik. of course jalan akan jam sesangat sangat.

Friday, July 17, 2009

architecture taaruf week

time to go back to university.hmm,after having my two weeks holidays, feel fresh to come back to the university with a new life as a student.

first week was really busy.ya, have to settle on the add and drop things.then have to participate in the architecture taaruf week. actually i was waiting for the moment for so long to gather back with my two roommates.yela syud dan pnut, tak lupe jgk ida. quite a long time i tak jumpa dorg.since the last time waktu dorg dtg kat,i can meet them and chat and gelak2 like before. so, when the first day which was on monday, i went to kaed gallery hoping to meet them there. after i had done with my registration things,saw them and gather dan berlaku the scene yang bising2 cam 10 thn tak jumpa.ok, it was the time for us to get into our own respectetive group. i was in frank lloyd wright group. being the group at first was really bored me out. yela no frens. except for kak alia and kak farah.knew them but not tt close. so, the feeling was like the first time i stepped into segi consultant. but ater a while i can get along with them eventhough the relationship are not tt close like i used to be in segi office. but still okla. admit tt im not helping a lot on doing the sculpture thing.just done simple things cause i was like lost of what they are doing actually. just follow on the track.but really proud of them.they can do the thing yang mmg look like from sampah.

owh, before that, the project that we had to do was actually to design a sculpture by using recycle materials such as papers,bottles,and all. and it was devided into three sections which was mobile,building and playground. all the groups had done a great job. they did it really well. a big round of applause to them. after presenting all the sculptures, we were entertained by a group of this NGO students.they did a perfomance by using all the recycle items like cans, bottle, dustbin, and all. the perfomance was so nice. and they manage to attract our attention to listen to them from beginning till the end. well done guys. and for the most awaited moment was the prize giving award. and all the winners won a hamper which was full wit a lot of foods. can be shared with a lot of people. our group won the first runner up and they were also other groups which i cant remember the name. and the grand prize winner was been given the biggest hamper and the group was santiago caltrave group.congratulations to all the winners.

the end of the sculpture competition. and they are going to have some games by tomorrow which is on u guys are going to have a lot fun during the games.just wait and see.

Monday, June 22, 2009

multi dip is over

(tak skp sorg(kak ati)) has been about 4 days multi dip nya subject da habis.tapi,baru ari ni ada masa nak post. u know la.busy kot. have to submit cad lagi.pnat kot. after two months i had been suffering in the hustle life, now, i can return to my noraml daily life balik. hurray!!! bestnya. tp, mcam yang selalu org cakap la kan. klu benda tu kite tgh buat mula la rasa nak give up. but once it ended, what we wish to do is rewind back the time frame waktu moments2 yang bahagia..

this time nak kata moment yang bahagia tak la jugak. just it will a memorable moment for me. dont know why. i love my office mates. they are soooo sooo kind and helpful even waktu first2 dulu cam tak biasa ng dorg. but now im sad because the thing had ended. mesti da tak ley jadi rapat like we used to. okay, alhamdulillah actually cause we won the guest house competition.first place.hehe.happy. no other word i can say rather than just showing my happiness by writing it here. first, i was just thinking of the grade and not the place. ya u know, because the competition was really2 great. i can feel the feeling of winning in every group. but, akhamdulillah to all of us too. batch eleven. we did a great job. even the lecturer said so. congratulations to all of us. owh ya. to kayu manis, elixir, lantera, touch design, is-9, and art wave.congrats. not forgettable to all the groups of book cafes. u guys really deserve to win. cause we are all the winners. i know how hard we had tried to impress the lecturers.

to segi consultants' people,i love u guys. do contact each other ya.
no sombong2.haha.especially to the 'two architects'. they'll probably know who are the two persons. to all the sisters, akak2 landscape, akak2 qs,and akak2 aa. u had done a great job. for our designing teams,ur work is really2 bombastic and smart dudes. wanna learn from u guys. bak kate master when bella and i ask him to teach us to colour and draw either manually or computing. die nak bkk class so we have to pay him la. ala, master, tlg org islam sesame islam no harm kan.god will pay u more than money if u had done good deeds model makers team, syabas, ur model mmg lawa2.haha. especially yang buaian tu.kah3. everything were sooo nice including the maskot digi aiman tu. it was really2 great.and again to all. love u guys. owh ya. and to our pm aka boss.lpe lak nak sebut. he was actually the master mind. thanks for giving us moral support eventhough klu kitorg tgh2 cuak,die bley je bt muka selamba die. thanks boss cause belanja kitorg pizza tt day. and now waiting to go to genting la plak.haha.


landscape architect


quantity surveyor


Sunday, June 14, 2009

happy day

da lame da tak post kat blog.
yela.selama ni tak dak laptop kot.and my dad baru bought this laptop for me.thanks to mum too sbb berjaya convince kan abah utk bli a laptop for me.almaklumla im not coming from a rich family.
k2 enough of this.nak crite pasal my office yang da ditubuhkan for about a month already and skrg ni nak dkt habis da, baru nak post.i dont care whether nak habis da ke or not but still i wanna write this thing down. my office's name is SEGI consultant. first time i enter this office i was feeling nervous. ye la tak knal ng sape2. just a few of them je yang knal.macam akfan, bella n yaa. tu je la.ada 24 workers in this office tp, yang i know only three of them.minus me ada lagi 20 org nak kne berkenalan. wow.thats a lot for me as i am not a kind of person yang pandai nak memulakan interaksi. first2 mmg snyp la. sampai nak cakap ngan bos pun pki org tgh.yang selalu kne jadi org tgh tu bella ng akfan la. tp, smua org da baik.all the people in this office actually sgt la baik. love them. now seating here, looking at bella and akfan watching the perfomances waktu rumi, kak zati,kak tika, lah and arber seating in the corner doing their work,pok jat yang tgh sketch, ayie dgn komputernya,aiman yang tgh membuat model2 yang comel2(terpaksa sambungkan kerja ktorg sb da sanggup nak tgk bnda kecik2 lagi),dan boss yg tgh meninjau kerja2,sempat lagi kite menulis blog kan.snyp2 la.hehe.ya.i admit i slalu skip bt kerja. sgt sronok this gonna miss week da present.maksudnya da habis la multidip sad. hmm, as time goes on.kite follow je la. nanti sambung lagi pasal office ya.
now, nak crite pasal my kitorg skype.miss her sooooo much. her name is izdihar. miss the moments with her. i did snap her pic waktu kitorg skype tadi.just for my collection je.rindu,terasa nak skype ng aina plak.miss them sooo much.iz, after u balik,jom kite prgi genting.blh la kite jumpa.hang out.gals day out. cpt2 la balik. na too,ckpla bz ng ur teching.cpt2 la u habis.nak jumpa u. miss u gals.

owh.then hari tu i went to the airport jemput my fren balik dari london ngn ainul. thara's mum fetch us tt day brought us to airport.sampai sana lbh kurng pkul 5 lebih.then, after a few minutes later,thara pun kluar dari arrival hall.and we chat a lot. her mum and dad were really nice. i like the part of story bout her sweet. hehe. thara, rajin2 la jnguk kitorg kat cni da terlanjur awak cuti 4 bln nih.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

interschool debating championship 2009

the 8th interschool debating championship was being held on 24th april- 29th april.there were so many participants from various schools.and now,im going to tell some experience that i've been through during the debate.

frst i never know about all this kind of,tinba2 akfan asked me whether i wanna join this debate thing or not.and it will be held during our semester break.without thinking,i just accepted his,i put my name in the list.same goes to ainul.we both decided to join as the job was just ushering the,on 20th,kitorg da dtg uia to do some preparations on the duty and check the listname.for the frst day,my name was not in the list,eventhough akfan da message kan name kitorg.this happened to many students,takpela.then,we were been given the task on the things to do.first of all,we had to learn on what is debate,and lots of thing.and most important thing,kitorg kne blaja jaga masa.ok,so thats it.

4 hari learning the same thing.and on 23rd,baru die bagi listname and kne usher skolah mane.supposedly malam tu we had a dinner and that was the time yg dorg paskan, we didnt go so,jeff yang tolong tgkkan.and he messaged us.told me,kam jaga skolah mrsm pengkalan,he messaged ainul,told her,ainul jaga skolah MRC.mrc??????waht school was tt?never heard it b4.ainul message me,ija tnykan skolah mrc.terkejut jgk.then,jeff bt message balik cakap die was supposed to be,ainul jaga bdk2 RMC.and now,each of us had a job to do.we have to take care of a room and usher the students.i was been given room ng bm punya usher len2 job.for bm,dorg usher students and bring the students to the room that was been given after they release the,for bi punya committees plak,kitorg kne usher student and was tasked to jaga a fixed room.means that,kitorg mmg jaga bilik tu je the time keeper.tak kisahla apa2 skolah yang disuruh debate kat bilik tu.and the students yang kitorg usher tu kne pandai2 la cari sidang dorg.

so,the frst day students2 tu dtg and register.malam tu they had a dinner kat CAC.and the guest for tt night was an ex uia student and she was also one of the debater back in 2001.if im not mistaken la.datin norjuma habib.she was the one yg rasmikan the majlis.and after tt,kitorg pny job plak kne cari dak2 skolah yang kite usher.skolah ainul senangla as all the RMC students can be notified by their coats yang kaler hijau.there were the only one school yang pki baju,sng la.and as for me,ssh sngt nak cari.have to go to each and every table to look for the school.and at last jumpa jgk.same goes to ssh nak cari.

bsknya,start la debating.jap2,malam tu i saw a cute boy.and what was in my head adalah utk mencari bakal adik they are more younger than me,so,tak leyh la.utk dijadikan adik ipar tu layakla.there goes spotted,found spotted 2.this was also being approved by both ainul and jeff.and they found spotted 3.ya.there goes 3 spotted.and i have 3 younger sisters which.......just nice.he3.naa.just bluffing.they are all still students.tak payah fkr bnd2 tu lagi.ok,balik kpd citer asal.being a timekeeper and also an usher sronok jgk.joined the kids.talked to them.mmg best.eventhough,ada jgk some of the times yang kne bluff ng bdk2 tu especially students from smk damansara jaya.they are all chinese and a malay.sporting gle.and other than tt,kitorg baik ng students jeff which from smk bdr bru sgi buloh.dorg lagi masyarakat majmuk.ada indian,chinese and malay.dorg pun sporting school,tak kurng sportingnya.dorg tak segan and can talk to us cam frens lak.sempat jln2 kat mid lagi.bdk2 SAS,sekolah sri cahaya and others.except skolah ainul je.kitorg cam besa je.ainul je la yang baik ng dorg coz she was the usher.the debate goes on.sume of the school were qualified utk masuk double octo next the stage of octo final then goes to quarter final move to semi final and lastly was the final la.byk skolah yang mmg hbt2 SSP,RMC,SEMASHOR,SMK GREEN ROAD,KGV and byk, as we all know final stage will always be two teams je yang akan lawan.and the teams were SMI Islam Hidayah vs SMK Green Road.SM Green Road won the first place.they were been given trophies, and rm 3000.

for bm plak,SM Islam Hidayah jgk tp,vs STAR.but the winner was SM Islam Hidayah.they won rm 5000 total of both temas bi ng,mmg cipta rekod.and there goes the closing ceremony after the prize giving.congratulations to all the winners.and hope to see u again next year.insyaAllah i will be the committee again next year.for those who didnt win,try again next year.u guys can do,dorg check out and balik ek skolah masing2.really miss the moment dgn dorg.owh last2 skali baru la kitorg baik2 ng students ainul.da nak balik baru borak2 ng dorg.and i took a pic with 2 of them.nampak segak.and tt was the only pic yang i took for the whole debate week.and here are some pics with some of the students.owh,b4 tt,it was great to join this kind of thing eventhough we are not been paid.but we do gain the experience and berkenalan ng students2 lain other than,tak la kawan2 kite ni limited to kaed students.and ths is an opportunity to know students from other kulliyyah.especially for me and ainul yg mmg kurg mesra alam.;).u r right jeff.

p/s to jeff: thanks a lot sbb bnyk tlg kitorg. and bring us to have our supper.

reza on the left hand side.overall best speaker for bi.his english is really2 powerful man.his accent is the most interesting thing about him.mrsm balik pulau.jeff in the middle.bajet winner jgk.

debaters from sms seremban

debaters from SSP.cute,arent they?

having our supper.ainul dating with mr M

committees.from right: liyana,nabilah and jeff.

ainul in the middle of green.RMC students.

ben,ainul and jeff

lastly,ng 2 of the RMC students.miLEEtary(ainul will definitely understand this) and cleophas.feel as though i was being is what they told me.feel like......pendeknya.
if ija was there will be fun.tula ija,org suruh join tak nak.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy birthday!!!tribute to ibu

today,16th of april is my beloved mum's birthday.

ade one story yg berlaku on her birthday la.ok,at first,hari tu on 14th,i remembered her birthday.i thought the day was,ternyata salah.then,spttnya hari ni la,tak sedar todays date is 16th of,everything goes on cam besa je la.wake up in the morning. hantar my brothers ke sekolah ade sukaneka hari ni.after that,balik rumah.ibu and abah siap2 nak pg kerja.waaa,she's a kindergarten teacher now.owned it.seems sooo happy.she loves her tadika soo much.until,every weekend je,kitorg mesti kne kerah ke tadika.sumtimes pg la.kdg2 tak.

ok,back to the story,she went to her tadika with my dad.and my dad called me,asked me to send something to him kat my mum's tadika.then,i went to her tadika as what my abah asked me to do la.when i reached there,my mum was infront of the gate,smiling at me.and took the thing.and after salam and kiss her cheeks as what we always do,i went,tak terigt langsung her brthday.sampai la waktu tengah hari,after atok mak called her.abah call.then,she was like unhappy.she told us tt only her siblings did remember her birthday.they called her.hmm,shame on could i forgotten her birthday?mmg tak patut.

and she went out with her friend.owh b4 tt,after realized tt today is 16th of april,we kiss her and wish her happy birthday ibu.after comign back from IKEA,she told me tt my sisters which are in boarding shool called her.and wish her brithday.she felt relieve and happy.i can see it from her eyes.and another last baru my mum crite actually,die pun tak igt today was her birthday.until,when she taught her students "ok kids,today is thursday and the date is 16th of april 2009"..and that was time she realized it. what a day. dad brought us out and have our dinner in a restaurant kat kelana jaya.

whatever it is,just wanna wish u ibu,selamat hari lahir,semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.happy birthday mum and may Allah bless u and succeed in whatever u do.

p/s:sorry,if there are too many mistakes in my grammar.found tt my english becoming worse day by day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

denda time

dah sebulan since i last posting. ade sedikit sebanyak perkara la yang nak diceritakan.

ok la.first thing,hari ni habis la segala,feel relief sket la.tak tahu la how was it going but hoping everything is fine la. ssh sng pun da dilalui. ok ke truk ke,blh jawab ke,tak leyh jawab ke, benda tu da plepas pun.evnthough kekecewaan da dilalui sbelum amik exam hari tu.past is already past.look forward jela yang termampu skrg.da stop pasal exam.

next story.hari tu tgh2 chat ng syud,tetiba die bgthu tak leyh nak tgk result sbb saman tak bayar.biasala tu,perkara yang akn dilalui oleh bdk2 uia klu kne saman ke,fees tertangguh ke.and all la.die nak tgk result tak bleyh,frst2 cam kesian,bile dgr pnut ng ida skali kne,mmg nak tergelak.memikirkan apa lak la yang dorg da bt sampai kne,memikirkan perangai2 ex rummate ku yang suke bt kpala tau ja @ bt ikut ske hati je,mmg la benda2 tu possible jadi.cme tak thu apa sebab.ade jgk yg kne fees tertangguh.ade sekali tu,check in slip tertinggal ke tak igt ltk katne.pastu nak check out, kne byar sbb kne print balik check in slip tu.huih.sane cni duit.
daa,uia mmg very particular bout all this minded.da puas gelakkan org,tetiba baru terigt, laa.buku library tak hantar lagi. kne brape plak la kali ni.dkt 2 minggu kot tak da kali ketiga kne saman.yela,baru kali ketiga g pinjam.maksudnya setiap kali pinjam,setiap kali tu la kne denda sebb lewat plg.haiihhhh,masalah btul.kne g pulangkan jgk la.klu tak,nanti ade lak crite yang i'll call syud lak cakap syud,masalah yang same.tak dapat resut sbb sangkut ngan denda.knp?.sbb tak pulangkan buku.mati kne glak la ngan dorg la alamatnya.langkah berjaga- jaga diambil dan pergila ke library ptg tadi.g kat kaunter je.cakap "kak,saye kne brape ringgit kali ni?" nasib baik rm 7.20 je.frst2 dlu 4 lbh.2nd time 2 tu.da same ngan duit makan sehari.duit yang dapat hasil dari kerja kat mcd utk beberapa jam.membazir je.baik bt mkan.knyang perut senang hati.

gambar denda

ade satu lagi receipt,tp,tak igt katne.

kesimpulannya,rajin2 la meminjam buku.dan aware la due datenya ble,utk mengelakkan dari kne denda.klu da kne plak,rajin2 la byr utk mengelakkan masalah2 lain.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

its a D life

first of all.this post is not to offense any pihak.just wanna give a point of view je.from what other people's tought.that day,when i was having a supper with my mum and dad kat one area in bangsar,terserempak la ng this bunch of datin.ble ternampak life dorg,terigt kat crite datin diaries.their lifestyle mg la cam best.but we dont know what is inside their hearts.ada probs ke or anything else.

klaka2 jugak dorg.i guess dorg baru balik dari majlis sumthing kot.bcoz their dress sgt2 la bling2. gaya cam humble but in the same time macam bossy pun ada.dont knowla.dont wanna talk about them too much bcoz the topic is to discuss general things on D life. sum of them nampak cm baik.very humble.masuk je ngan sume org.sum of them not. ble tgk blk,btul ke the way of life dorg,or maybe the way dorg call each other is always like datin A,datin B said that she'll be going to datin c's house to have their high tea.macm tu ke?or maybe lifestyle dorg is just like other people yang always cakap, A,u nak pergi rumah B tak?.is it that way.

maybe im,i always thought of those kind of things.pastu,klu baca dlam malay novels la kan.sumtimes ada la parents2 yang ada title ni macam memilih nak anak2 dorg kawan ng certain people je yang background cam,ada plak yang jenis tak kisah.cmne tu?ntahla.maybe it is because i always tried to avoid from them,mostly la my fren yang mane anak2 org bertitle ni mmg cam tak pandang je kalau kite ni cikai or sengkek.dont know la whether dorg ade niat ke tak..ade plak yang jenis humble sampai org pun tak thu yang sebenarnya dorg ni anak2 datuk and datin.klu plak ade datin and datuk yang tak kisah,tunggu bas tepi jalan is also ok to them.haha.crite tu mmg wujud.high tea pun duk bersembang kat tepi jalan sambil tgk anak2 main and pakai kain batik je.

ntahla.its a D life.and these things are not only happens to them but to all people yang without title jgk.normal things happen.hmm,btw,im soooo happy today as iz called me.miss her and na a lot.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

keluarga dan sahabat

hari ni,just wanna give a point of view ttg frens and family.which one is better.


bak kate org,family comes first.stuju kah dgn pendapat itu?mmg benar la klu dikatakan keluarga dlu sebelum yang,do we tell our family every single story that happened in our life?for me,mmg ye.but not all la.even i am a bit kecoh or talkative,but not sume crite i told my parents.but,to sis yes.they are like my diary.any stories yang tak diceritakan kepada my parents,i'll tell them.yela,da kate adik beradik.and kbetulan kitorg sgt,biasala,air yang tenang,jgn la plak sangka takde buaya.mesti ade gaduh2,merajuk2 and pujuk2.lagi la mostly adik2 yang after me ni ramai girls.thats commonla.we share everything together.interest,hobby and same mane2 mmg takde la nak bergaya gaya.same je.sume mesti akan pakai tudung hitam.bkn takde tudung lain.berlambak je tdg colour lain.but black is our style.nak bt camne.sampai ada org pun da cam tt is our trade mark.adik beradik hitam.but not skin parents plak.every problems, i share ngan dorg. for me,they are the best reference ever and the best persons to rely on.even sometimes ada la percanggahan dari segi pendapat.but they are still the best.for me,without them,i'll not be here.grateful to have parents like them.same goes to my big uncles and my aunts.and my granny.really2 helpful.


they are like a place to mengadu klu bengang kat other frens.byk jgk perkara yang diceritakan kepada dorg.yang bestnya frens ni,sebb kan dorg same baya,so,we share the same thinking.ckp pun benda yang sama.benda yang rasa sesuai utk diceritakan kpd dorg dan tak sesuai utk diceritakn lagi kepada my sisters pun blh cerita kat dorg.if do have problems ngn family pun blh luahkan kat dorg.klu dlu,kat asrama,with iz and na,the topic yang i'll never discuss with other people except them blh la dibicarakan.ttp,ble dorg da duk jauh2,topic tu tak akan dibangkitkan whether to my family or frens.secret.....satu lagi,klu dapat kawan yang sporting macam ija,kite blh cakap je apa yang terluah and terfikir kat kpala.klu dapat kawan yang senyap or pendiam,tu tak thu nak bt apa.sebab tak de lagi kawan yang macam, ada kawan yang very secretive plak,yang always private and confidential,we tackle the problem dgn tidak amik thu pasal rahsia dorg.tu la jalan yang paling selamat.tak nak la plak digelar penyibuk.dok jage tepi kain org.klu dapat kawan yang gossip girl,ni tak selamat,klu nak crite masalah,crite jela.of coz they'll know yang mane yg ptt utk keep it as a secret kan.klu dapat kawan yang talkative mcm saye ni,terpaksa la org lagi satu tu byk diam.klu dua2 cakap,sape nak dgr.klu dapat kawan yang memilih plak,mmg la tak syok.nak pilih org yang pandai jela,tak pun kaya,tak pun cantik.klu org tu takde mane2 point tu,sorry,u r out of my list.tak bestnya kawan camtu.itu adalah sket point of view ttg family and frens.

hmm,segalanya da,which one is better is nobody actually.but for me,mmgla family comes first.sbb klu takde family,ssh nak cari kawan yang blh tanggung dgn kesusahan kite.but frens juga sgt la penting.klu takde kawan,life will never be fun.

Friday, January 30, 2009

chinese new year

on friday,24th i went home utk bercuti raya cina.what made me happy was,we are going to have our family gathering kat pangkor island.hmm, hari sabtu, my aunts,uncles and my nenek trn frm johor.since my mum was the only one yang duk kat kl.actually,tujuan nya is because my last uncle,ayah cu,nak bertunang.and org yang hdk ditunang berasal dari teluk intan,perak.if im not mistaken la.
then,sabtu malam tu,we all gather kat my mum's kindergarten and bt thalil utk arwah atok ayah ku.dian tak diam.da dkt stahun atok ayah pergi meninggal kan kitorg.then,hari ahad pagi2 lagi da bertolak sbb janji ng dorg nak dtg kul,kul 9 tak brtolak lagi.bertolak kul 10,sampai kul 1.sampai2,kitorg terkejut sebab ada khemah siap.on the way,kitorg da membygkan macam2 perkara yang akan terjadi.sampai2 je kitrog da tergelak-gelak.maybe family sis tu pu plek kot.keluarga weird mane la yg dtg ni.pastu proses nak meminang adalah proses yang sgt2 la klaka.sbbnya,ni anak laki yang bongsu and the only boy in my mum's sibling.dlu,org je yg dtg meminang ank2 nenekku.tetiba nak pg meminang org,takde sesape yang mahir bab2 nak meminang ni.waktu ni mmg la sgt berterabur.dgn tak faham2 apa org tu kiaskan lagi la.macam2 la.bercakap macam ayam itik pun ada.bermula dgn pak teh ku,then pas mic kat ayahku pastu kat ayah man plak.pastu kat pakcik sahar.mic tu asyik berpas2,isinya tak jgk kluar.kitorg yg tgk ni duk glak je la.dgn dtg nya dala bawak budak2 kecik.mmg la tak de last habis jgk perbincangan org2 dewasa ni.makan kat rumah tunang pakcikku ni mmg sedap la.kbetulan kitorg lapar.mmg bedal habis2 a.gambar kat camera makdikku.tak sempat,no pics utk majlis ni la.
after majlis tu,ktorg pun pergi la pangkor.dgn baju2 kebaya tu pergi angkut beg galas n beg2 besar naik feri.sampai pangkor nak dkt maghrib gak la.kitorg tdo kat bayu beach resort.

nice view

pangkor island

the island

arrive at bayu beach resort

pastu g makan kat satu kdi ni yang sgt la slow service nya.lame gle menunggu.dari kul 8 lebih sampai la 11.baru 8 org makan,yg die bagi first lauk cume 5 ekor udang goreng.disebabkan lapar sgt,kitorg pun makan la nasi je. ng sos.pastu baru sampai sup sayur.pastu ikan sweet sour yang tak masak.mama bagi balik kat org tu suruh masak. org tu pun masak la balik.first group da balik bilik da.yang kitorg tinggal lagi sebab bnyk lagi makanan tak sampai.da nak dkt2 habis barula bnyk makanan dtg.then,bungkus igt nak bawak,makdik tertinggal plak kat counter,org tu la blh mkn balik.balik bilik tido.besokny pagi2,frst2 amik angin kat pantai dlu.

pantai time

posing,jgn tak posing

then,kitorg breakfast kat resort tu je.pastu,dorg mandi.disebabkan kakiku yang luka akibat jatuh dari motor,so,tak leyh la nak swim.tak best btul.geram je tgk dorg main bola tampar dalam pool.pastu,habis mandi siap2 nak balik ke darat,sbelum tu,nak round2,kitorg pun nak la sewa 2,hapraknya van.takde satu pun yg nak bawak w'pun dibyr 100 for each van.last2 pakcik sahar n ayahman tahan satu bas sekolah.naik bas sekolah la kilang ikan ng sotong2 kering.murah tul.berbakul2 bli.habis je,kitorg pg singgah jap kat tembok besar china rekaan.then ktorg naik ferry balik darat.

penantian di tepi jalan

waiting time

dalam bus

tgk apa?

eye-ing on something

berbakul-bakul tu
nak jgk posing


after sampai kat darat,naik cameron plak.luckily da booked dlu hotel,klu tak terpaksa turun balik la malam tu.sampai2 je round pasar malam.the next day,pg membeli belah cenderamata. pastu turun balik kl.

besoknya on wednesday,semula balik johor balik.and semua join except for our beloved abg nuar.wish u could join us.tambah kan lagi sorg pemandu tambahan.
balik uia lak,mmg pnat.tak tdo for two days.siapkan site model and site analysis.da siap.and sbb tu la blh update.hehe.

tagged by boo!!!!

1] Who was your last text from?
[2] Where was your default picture taken?
kat cameron ng sisters and bros
[3] Your relationship status?
[4] Have you ever lost a close friend?
nope.just jarang dgr kabar je.
[5] What is your current mood?
[6] What's your sister's name?
younger sis.
nur khalida
nur khalisah
nur karimah
[7] What's your favorite color(s)?
always red.combination of red and and white.
green is good for eyes.
blue is better to feel the relaxing mood.
[8] With whom do you wish you were right now?
dad and bro.currently both watching pirates of the carribean.
[9] Have a crazy side?
[10] Ever had a near death experience?
[11] Something you do a lot?
makan makan and makan.tts all.
[12] Angry at anyone?
for the time being nope.
[13] What's stopping you from going for the person you like?
[14] When was the last time you cried?
last week i guess.
[15] Is there anyone you would do anything for?
[16] Love your Boyfriend?
no boyfriend and not thinking of having one too.
[17] Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
my dad.
[18] What are your favorite songs?
too many
[19] What are you doing right now?
nothing.doing this tag
[20] Who do you trust right now?
my bff
[21] Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
my dad.
[22] Have you kissed someone in the past week?
dad and mum
[23] What is your lucky number?
dont know
[24] Who are your friends that are closest to you?
always be my two best buddies.iz n na.
kat uia ramaila.nak sebut pjg sgt list.kat skolah rendah lagi.a lot.
[25] Describe your life in one word?
[26] Have you ever kissed in the rain?
nope.bnd lagho ni.
[27] Who are you thinking of right now?
[28] What should you be doing right now?
[29] If you could wish for something over a birthday cake right now what would it be?
ntahla.just wanna be success di dunia and hereafter
[30] What did you hear now?
[31] Who was the last person who gave you a hug?
abdullah haziq
[32] Who was the last person who yelled at you?
my sis.kjut die solat isyak
[33] Do you act differently around the person you like?
yup.trus menangis.sbb org yg ku ske hanya kim heechul.and when i got to see him waktu dtg kl hari tu,menangis la apa lagi.terharu sgt.
[34] What is your natural hair color?
not sure
[35] Who was the last person to make you laugh?

Friday, January 16, 2009


at last,after bout few weeks bertungkus lumus dgn butter paper,pres boards,and foam board,dapat jgk update, still presentation is on monday same goes to other of other reason yang menyebabkan kite takleyh nak update is because i dont own any laptop.takde duit la nak bli.hny mampu tgk org lain punya je,when im home and doing nothing je i can update my blog.

well,so many things happen in these few weeks. i joined the uia sports,awal awl lagi da kalah.too bad because most of the players injured b4 the game was such a good experience. i met new people from other courses.klu tak sbelum ni jadi org yang tak bersosial. da asyik duk kat studio je tak pun bilik.hmm,group futsal tu really like gol & gincu.smua newbies. baru start main. klaka gak frst2 tendang bola tak kne.haha.but not for kekek. she was really2 hebat la. rembat mmg kuat. kak wani was such a good keeper. and others were such goodplayers.ijah,farah,kak yong,kak ila,kak nana,kak masyi,kak anna,yaa,and kak didi.and thanks the most to our manager.really2 sgt.

after habis futsal,ktorg sibuk bt projek plak. owh.b4 tu,a nght b4 kitorg game,igt nak bawak motor la sebab ka male sport complex,ajak kay jalan jalan bawak motr dlu.kay was the driver la. tetiba motor bergegar.then,kay decide nak berhenti.kitorg pun berenti la kat celcom building.tersangkut kat situ rupanya tayar motorku pancit.waaa!!!!tak thu nak buat,call ain.nasib baik la ain ada.she was the hero on tt say.die fetch us and kay bawak balik motor since she is more lighter than me.besoknya terpaksa pinjm motor ain plak. last wednesday,kitorg g gak a.balik2 supposedly ada test history tp,nasib baik la class cancel.thanks to the people yg tlg jumpa prof mintak cancel class.

and on the same week,kitorg punya blok or actually level tak de air.sedyh kot.da la hari jumaat org lain dapat cuti.kitorg da kne submit on friday.da habis cite da.daaa!!!!XOXO.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

awal muharram and happy new year!!!

well,maybe its too late for me to ucapkan selamat menyambut awal muharram and happy new year.but still, nak wish jgk. malam new year, x pegi sambut pun.except for my mum and dad and my siblings.they all went to IKEA,mutiara damansara to watch the celebration tt was prepared by them.mmg la meriah sgt.kedai smua tutup pkl satu.but, my mum tak tunggu pun die countdown coz she was too tired sbb uruskan bnyk benda b4 new year.

hmm, hari tu ija ada cakap pasal crite the hoppers &ahli muzik kat 8tvyang terdiri daripada 4 org sekawan.gambit,bobo,fungus,dan fatul and also alia ng fynn.pastu,tadi tgk la cite tu kat 8tv seperti yang diinform.citer tu hari ahad.from my opinion,mmg best kot.klaka dorg tu.lagi2 bobo.rileks je.sempoi.yg nak thu sgt,gambit tu org mane agknya.sbb,die converse dalam bhs klantan gak,skejap ckap kelantan,kejap tak.tgk citer tu terigt kat satu citer dlm KBSW ada satu cite 2 days one nite.macm tu gakla.berjalan sambil bt aktiviti.and salah sorg dari dorg kekadang jadi cameraman.kitorg da target nak bli video cam yang macm dorg tu.kecik sket dari kamera yang slalu digunakan utk bt movie or costs around 9,000 kot.mmg mahal klu nak bli.takpe la,tunggu ada duit dlu.

k,time to revenge,seperti yang dah dijanjikan kepada my sister,i'll put the kg girl name in my blog.ala,die tak baca pun,takpe la.selama ni,klu asyik nak menjaga hati ng perasaan,ble da terkena mmg la mintak maaf nak jaga perasaan awak lagi ye POMPUAN!!!!!!it is not my intention to humiliate her,klu da kurang ajar sgt.mmg terpaksa la.spanjang kita kt skolah la kan.klu kite tak puas hati ng sesape,tak pernah lagi kite pg telefon mak bapak budak tu and bercerita pasal anak die.and budak ni sgt la syg,brani tak kne tempat.bygkan la,baru form one da kurang ajar.hari tu,ada sorg bdk ni tetiba call my mum.cakap pasal my sis tu la ni la.and die siap cakap lagi,aunty,anak aunty tu truk la.perangai die bla bla bla.and my mum was really,its mum layan jela.after my sis balik dari boarding school,my mum asked her ada tak kawan name skian2.then,my sis cakap mum tny la.bdk tu camne ng my sis.krenya relationship la.whther ada masalah ke sis cakap die ok and bla bla bla.she never tell my mum yg bdk tu mmg bermasalah sket kat skolah.bkn nak puji my not saying tt she is really2,still tak ktuk org sesuka hati la.baru2 ni ble balik cuti,maybe die da tak thn kot,baru la die cite pasal bdk tu.and my sis was really shocked when my mum told her yg bdk tu ada call cakap pasal my sis.she was really upset and pity her.pastu,ada cite yang menarik skali.die libatkan da whole family when she said tt yg family die cam org kampung la,father die tu la ni la.itu mmg da cari nahas.bkn nak cakap,klu awak tu btul la org kaya n org yang berada,selalunya org yg macm tu takkan nak menunjuk la.macm org kekurangan kasih syang lak.klu ye pun kaya la kan,awak tu cuma menumpang harta ayah je.igt la sket.jgn la nak berlagak macam harta sendiri plak.kitorg sedar la yg kitorg ni are not coming from rich family.klu ade pun,tts belong to our parents and not,pompuan,ko jgn la nak berlagak sgt.muke ko tu lebih dari org kampung.pki mekap tebal2,myk wangi bertan2 tp tk cantik2 jgk.terasa jahat lak bt,tk kisah.nak jgk bt.this is the only place i can really express my expression.

once again,happy new year.