Monday, June 22, 2009

multi dip is over

(tak skp sorg(kak ati)) has been about 4 days multi dip nya subject da habis.tapi,baru ari ni ada masa nak post. u know la.busy kot. have to submit cad lagi.pnat kot. after two months i had been suffering in the hustle life, now, i can return to my noraml daily life balik. hurray!!! bestnya. tp, mcam yang selalu org cakap la kan. klu benda tu kite tgh buat mula la rasa nak give up. but once it ended, what we wish to do is rewind back the time frame waktu moments2 yang bahagia..

this time nak kata moment yang bahagia tak la jugak. just it will a memorable moment for me. dont know why. i love my office mates. they are soooo sooo kind and helpful even waktu first2 dulu cam tak biasa ng dorg. but now im sad because the thing had ended. mesti da tak ley jadi rapat like we used to. okay, alhamdulillah actually cause we won the guest house competition.first place.hehe.happy. no other word i can say rather than just showing my happiness by writing it here. first, i was just thinking of the grade and not the place. ya u know, because the competition was really2 great. i can feel the feeling of winning in every group. but, akhamdulillah to all of us too. batch eleven. we did a great job. even the lecturer said so. congratulations to all of us. owh ya. to kayu manis, elixir, lantera, touch design, is-9, and art wave.congrats. not forgettable to all the groups of book cafes. u guys really deserve to win. cause we are all the winners. i know how hard we had tried to impress the lecturers.

to segi consultants' people,i love u guys. do contact each other ya.
no sombong2.haha.especially to the 'two architects'. they'll probably know who are the two persons. to all the sisters, akak2 landscape, akak2 qs,and akak2 aa. u had done a great job. for our designing teams,ur work is really2 bombastic and smart dudes. wanna learn from u guys. bak kate master when bella and i ask him to teach us to colour and draw either manually or computing. die nak bkk class so we have to pay him la. ala, master, tlg org islam sesame islam no harm kan.god will pay u more than money if u had done good deeds model makers team, syabas, ur model mmg lawa2.haha. especially yang buaian tu.kah3. everything were sooo nice including the maskot digi aiman tu. it was really2 great.and again to all. love u guys. owh ya. and to our pm aka boss.lpe lak nak sebut. he was actually the master mind. thanks for giving us moral support eventhough klu kitorg tgh2 cuak,die bley je bt muka selamba die. thanks boss cause belanja kitorg pizza tt day. and now waiting to go to genting la plak.haha.


landscape architect


quantity surveyor


Sunday, June 14, 2009

happy day

da lame da tak post kat blog.
yela.selama ni tak dak laptop kot.and my dad baru bought this laptop for me.thanks to mum too sbb berjaya convince kan abah utk bli a laptop for me.almaklumla im not coming from a rich family.
k2 enough of this.nak crite pasal my office yang da ditubuhkan for about a month already and skrg ni nak dkt habis da, baru nak post.i dont care whether nak habis da ke or not but still i wanna write this thing down. my office's name is SEGI consultant. first time i enter this office i was feeling nervous. ye la tak knal ng sape2. just a few of them je yang knal.macam akfan, bella n yaa. tu je la.ada 24 workers in this office tp, yang i know only three of them.minus me ada lagi 20 org nak kne berkenalan. wow.thats a lot for me as i am not a kind of person yang pandai nak memulakan interaksi. first2 mmg snyp la. sampai nak cakap ngan bos pun pki org tgh.yang selalu kne jadi org tgh tu bella ng akfan la. tp, smua org da baik.all the people in this office actually sgt la baik. love them. now seating here, looking at bella and akfan watching the perfomances waktu rumi, kak zati,kak tika, lah and arber seating in the corner doing their work,pok jat yang tgh sketch, ayie dgn komputernya,aiman yang tgh membuat model2 yang comel2(terpaksa sambungkan kerja ktorg sb da sanggup nak tgk bnda kecik2 lagi),dan boss yg tgh meninjau kerja2,sempat lagi kite menulis blog kan.snyp2 la.hehe.ya.i admit i slalu skip bt kerja. sgt sronok this gonna miss week da present.maksudnya da habis la multidip sad. hmm, as time goes on.kite follow je la. nanti sambung lagi pasal office ya.
now, nak crite pasal my kitorg skype.miss her sooooo much. her name is izdihar. miss the moments with her. i did snap her pic waktu kitorg skype tadi.just for my collection je.rindu,terasa nak skype ng aina plak.miss them sooo much.iz, after u balik,jom kite prgi genting.blh la kite jumpa.hang out.gals day out. cpt2 la balik. na too,ckpla bz ng ur teching.cpt2 la u habis.nak jumpa u. miss u gals.

owh.then hari tu i went to the airport jemput my fren balik dari london ngn ainul. thara's mum fetch us tt day brought us to airport.sampai sana lbh kurng pkul 5 lebih.then, after a few minutes later,thara pun kluar dari arrival hall.and we chat a lot. her mum and dad were really nice. i like the part of story bout her sweet. hehe. thara, rajin2 la jnguk kitorg kat cni da terlanjur awak cuti 4 bln nih.