Tuesday, September 22, 2009


wishing selamat hari raya to all muslims. after da puasa for one month, hope u guys had a great foods and dishes for ur raya. di kesempatan ini, saya ingin memohn maaf di atas segala kesalahan saya yang mungkin juga telah menyakitkan hati any pihak. sorry for the wrong things that i've done samada sengaja ataupun tidak. selamat hari raya kepada family ku, kepada kedua nenek ku samada yang berada di johor mahupun di kelantan. kepada makcik2 ku,pakcik2 ku, cousin2 ku yang tersayang yang berada di johor. have fun there. and also to all the family in kelantan. tahun ni raya balik kelantan. other than that to all my friends either n malaysia or other places. selamat hari raya. and to all yang ada kat overseas tu, jgn menangis di pagi raya. hehe.

ok, here is the story. went back to kelantan on friday. but actually we had a night in cameron highland to avoid from the busy traffic. so, we packed our bag and went to cameron on friday. slept there for one night and the next mornng, early in the morning we continued our journey to kelantan. the road was not so busy as my dad was driving in the morning from perak. but, from what had been told to us, if we all bertolak dari kl on saturday early in the morning or on friday morning, jalan jam teruk. so, alhamdulillah the decision that was been made by abah was correct. kami tak menempuh jam. arrived kat kelantan about 11 to 12. and relax time.

first day raya, i woke up a bit late. at 8am, woke up, and took a bath, after my dad balik dari sembahyang raya, we all bersalam salaman and took pictures. the picture was been captured by our proffesional photographer which is my uncle, anjang. and look at the quality of the photo even without touch up or editted. took the chance to learn about dslr. he has a lot of experience using the camera as he used to be working with utusan malaysia and also some of the local magazines' company as a photographer. i've learned a lot. but, the problem is only now, i dont have dslr or owned it. so, have to practice first by using other peoples' la.
after took our family pictures, we went to kota bharu to visit my dad's friends' houses.

with family belah kelantan

the next day, we continued on our journey and raya here and there but unfortunately, i didnt have any chance to visit to my friends' houses. jalan jam la, nak kejar masa la, and other problems. and that night, we were being told that they wanted to do something like bbq. so, we have to go back early la. and that night kami ada sikit makan2 kat toksu's house.great night to entighten our family bond. got the chance to use Nikon D3. bukan senang nak pegang that camera. the price cost around 5 digits of rm. wooosh. cannot afford la. asal dapat pegang pun consider lucky.

haziq and rafiq

and today, on tuesday kami bergerak balik ke kl. and alhamdulillah again, Allah really helps us as when we were on our way to kl, my atok called my dad and told him that, her house naik air. alhamdulillah we were not stucked in banjir. kalau tak, agak susah la nak balik. of course jalan akan jam sesangat sangat.