Saturday, August 21, 2010

Iftar time

Salam ramadhan to all of u and peeps out there. This is my first post since we started our fasting month last two weeks. And the post today must be something about iftar and of course it is soooo related to foods. As usual, we'll do an annual dinner with all the level 9 babes. So, yesterday was the day. For the past years, all of us had our iftar at IKEA. but, this year we were thinking of trying at other place. So, Alia suggested HR Steakhouse which is located Kg Baru and off we go. But not all of us could make it. From 17, only 10 of us made it. We still had lots of fun. Here are some photos.

sorry, the pictures are not in order. Thanks for making my day brighter dears.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There are lots of things happened to me in these few months. and the one that I'm posting here are the one that I love the most.


we played Dodgeball.


second show on the run. hehe. love it. watch it with my friends. no other words rather than superb. But, for me, I just love last year's. But I still have fun... here are the photos..