Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A day with kids

On 26th June 2010, for second time I joined my mum's kindergarten trip. Unlike last year, this year's trip was at Hi 5 bread factory, mini aquaria and MC Donalds. Seriously I tell u. I never thought that there is any trip to Mc D before. And that was the first time I experienced it with all the kids.

Early in the morning, the bus was already there in front of the school. And from what I can see, all the kids are like so happy waiting for the bus to hop on it too. Some of them can't even sleep the day before because of too excited to join the trip. Went off to Hi 5 bread factory and on the way to the factory, the kids recited the doa and watched cartoons just to behave themselves. The kids seem to be so happy looking at the factory from inside the bus. Because of the factory is really big and it has its own bread town unlike other bread factories, it gave them the feeling of convenience to enter and explore the building. We were asked to sit in a place that the feelings were like sitting inside a cinema and watched a movie which is called as Mr Brad. It's actually a story on the history of the bread itself. Then only we were brought to a place which I cant really remember what was the name of it. But, the setup and props are like taking a tour in a dark and narrow cave. Well, it does make us feel creepy inside it. But, the kids seem to have fun. After looking at the process of the bread making, we were been given the chance to shop at their mini shop. And, there's a lot of things that can be shop there. T-shirts, crackers, breads, cakes, and others.

Next, we move on to mini aquaria. We saw a lot of arowana fish there and others too. It gives them new experience to explore other types of fish different from what they usually seen. And the longest fish is the red arowana which the length is 120cm. and lastly to Mc D. we had our lunch there and went straight back to school after we had filled up our empty tummies with burgers,chips,drinks and other side dishes. tiring but it was fun.

p/s. mind my english. sorry.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Days

For almost two months ++ i didnt post anything in my page. and today, i got lots of stories to be written to. But, the main topic that Im going to discuss here is all about what I've done during my short semester , school holiday, and all. Ok, I'll start with this first. Sitting alone and doing nothing really make me feel bored. Its not that I dont really have anything to do. I do of course. But doing the same things for almost everyday really make me feel like I have to free myself out and do something else. WHAT is the 'something else'??? oh, I got the time to do all the things during this short semester and school holiday. And its really really fun.


Short semester is the most relaxing period for the whole year. I like it when it comes to short semester. Got lots of free time and 'leisure' time. lots and lots of it. till I dont have any idea what can I fill in the blanks for the free time. so, started to think of working. It'll definitely give me tonnes of experience.


for how many years already since I last went to Fraser's Hill, that day, my beloved abah brought us to Fraser's Hill to see the new development since he had time for us. we went there in a day trip. wow, it was superb. tell you what. the place really was been developed-in-maintaining-the- originality. means here its like, Fraser's hill in previous was like nothing there that we can do except for the breeze and environment. other than that, it was like nothing much can be done there. but now, the place is like wow. you can do lots of things up there. horse riding, archery, golf, and many things. just name it. so fun up there. i really love the way they preserve the old structure and still hold to the concept of british style. most of the buildings are still using bricks. and it creates one identity. cameron highland was like that once, but because of the too-developing process, it lost its originality in terms of preserving the building and temperature.


got a job in an ID firm. I am lucky enough to get to work there. Its okay for me even without being paid...and you wanna know why?? its because,for me, if You really wanna gain something or knowledge,you should not think of money soo much. the most important thing is our niat. and as for me, my knowledge in this line is still at the minimum level, so i have to think of how can i learn new things. there i go. Got a place to work with new environments, new people, having a boss, being a naive staff..(just exaggerating). by working, i really got to know the reality of life when we are working in future. tell you, its totally different between the life in university and in the real world. well that is for me la. got a nice boss, his name is Encik Ishak, he's actually an architecture students tooo. but, he loves to be ID more than architect, because he believes that he can express more things in designing. so, he built up an ID firm. but, his knowledge in architect field is soo wide. I love to be under him. the staffs there are also nice. they taught me lots of things even I just started working for the past four days. lots and lots of things i've learned through this four days. but, there are still a lot of it waiting for me. what is the most important thing now, is that, i have to improve on my PR. im not that unfriendly, its just that, because most of them are older than me, it makes me feel like so scared to talk to them like colleagues. the situation will be different in the university. I can talk to whoever I want too. =). actually they are all nice except for me who dont know how to talk and what to say....

well,, thats all.

some photos

got not time to edit it. this is the overview of the hill..

owh....HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANA...6 years old. celebrate it dekat desa water park.haha.