Sunday, May 3, 2009

interschool debating championship 2009

the 8th interschool debating championship was being held on 24th april- 29th april.there were so many participants from various schools.and now,im going to tell some experience that i've been through during the debate.

frst i never know about all this kind of,tinba2 akfan asked me whether i wanna join this debate thing or not.and it will be held during our semester break.without thinking,i just accepted his,i put my name in the list.same goes to ainul.we both decided to join as the job was just ushering the,on 20th,kitorg da dtg uia to do some preparations on the duty and check the listname.for the frst day,my name was not in the list,eventhough akfan da message kan name kitorg.this happened to many students,takpela.then,we were been given the task on the things to do.first of all,we had to learn on what is debate,and lots of thing.and most important thing,kitorg kne blaja jaga masa.ok,so thats it.

4 hari learning the same thing.and on 23rd,baru die bagi listname and kne usher skolah mane.supposedly malam tu we had a dinner and that was the time yg dorg paskan, we didnt go so,jeff yang tolong tgkkan.and he messaged us.told me,kam jaga skolah mrsm pengkalan,he messaged ainul,told her,ainul jaga skolah MRC.mrc??????waht school was tt?never heard it b4.ainul message me,ija tnykan skolah mrc.terkejut jgk.then,jeff bt message balik cakap die was supposed to be,ainul jaga bdk2 RMC.and now,each of us had a job to do.we have to take care of a room and usher the students.i was been given room ng bm punya usher len2 job.for bm,dorg usher students and bring the students to the room that was been given after they release the,for bi punya committees plak,kitorg kne usher student and was tasked to jaga a fixed room.means that,kitorg mmg jaga bilik tu je the time keeper.tak kisahla apa2 skolah yang disuruh debate kat bilik tu.and the students yang kitorg usher tu kne pandai2 la cari sidang dorg.

so,the frst day students2 tu dtg and register.malam tu they had a dinner kat CAC.and the guest for tt night was an ex uia student and she was also one of the debater back in 2001.if im not mistaken la.datin norjuma habib.she was the one yg rasmikan the majlis.and after tt,kitorg pny job plak kne cari dak2 skolah yang kite usher.skolah ainul senangla as all the RMC students can be notified by their coats yang kaler hijau.there were the only one school yang pki baju,sng la.and as for me,ssh sngt nak cari.have to go to each and every table to look for the school.and at last jumpa jgk.same goes to ssh nak cari.

bsknya,start la debating.jap2,malam tu i saw a cute boy.and what was in my head adalah utk mencari bakal adik they are more younger than me,so,tak leyh la.utk dijadikan adik ipar tu layakla.there goes spotted,found spotted 2.this was also being approved by both ainul and jeff.and they found spotted 3.ya.there goes 3 spotted.and i have 3 younger sisters which.......just nice.he3.naa.just bluffing.they are all still students.tak payah fkr bnd2 tu lagi.ok,balik kpd citer asal.being a timekeeper and also an usher sronok jgk.joined the kids.talked to them.mmg best.eventhough,ada jgk some of the times yang kne bluff ng bdk2 tu especially students from smk damansara jaya.they are all chinese and a malay.sporting gle.and other than tt,kitorg baik ng students jeff which from smk bdr bru sgi buloh.dorg lagi masyarakat majmuk.ada indian,chinese and malay.dorg pun sporting school,tak kurng sportingnya.dorg tak segan and can talk to us cam frens lak.sempat jln2 kat mid lagi.bdk2 SAS,sekolah sri cahaya and others.except skolah ainul je.kitorg cam besa je.ainul je la yang baik ng dorg coz she was the usher.the debate goes on.sume of the school were qualified utk masuk double octo next the stage of octo final then goes to quarter final move to semi final and lastly was the final la.byk skolah yang mmg hbt2 SSP,RMC,SEMASHOR,SMK GREEN ROAD,KGV and byk, as we all know final stage will always be two teams je yang akan lawan.and the teams were SMI Islam Hidayah vs SMK Green Road.SM Green Road won the first place.they were been given trophies, and rm 3000.

for bm plak,SM Islam Hidayah jgk tp,vs STAR.but the winner was SM Islam Hidayah.they won rm 5000 total of both temas bi ng,mmg cipta rekod.and there goes the closing ceremony after the prize giving.congratulations to all the winners.and hope to see u again next year.insyaAllah i will be the committee again next year.for those who didnt win,try again next year.u guys can do,dorg check out and balik ek skolah masing2.really miss the moment dgn dorg.owh last2 skali baru la kitorg baik2 ng students ainul.da nak balik baru borak2 ng dorg.and i took a pic with 2 of them.nampak segak.and tt was the only pic yang i took for the whole debate week.and here are some pics with some of the students.owh,b4 tt,it was great to join this kind of thing eventhough we are not been paid.but we do gain the experience and berkenalan ng students2 lain other than,tak la kawan2 kite ni limited to kaed students.and ths is an opportunity to know students from other kulliyyah.especially for me and ainul yg mmg kurg mesra alam.;).u r right jeff.

p/s to jeff: thanks a lot sbb bnyk tlg kitorg. and bring us to have our supper.

reza on the left hand side.overall best speaker for bi.his english is really2 powerful man.his accent is the most interesting thing about him.mrsm balik pulau.jeff in the middle.bajet winner jgk.

debaters from sms seremban

debaters from SSP.cute,arent they?

having our supper.ainul dating with mr M

committees.from right: liyana,nabilah and jeff.

ainul in the middle of green.RMC students.

ben,ainul and jeff

lastly,ng 2 of the RMC students.miLEEtary(ainul will definitely understand this) and cleophas.feel as though i was being is what they told me.feel like......pendeknya.
if ija was there will be fun.tula ija,org suruh join tak nak.