Sunday, August 14, 2011

Atok Mak, Living and Fasting in Johor

Salam Ramadhan to all!

Well, I just got back from my mum's hometown which is also my grandma's house located in Batu Pahat, Johor. Because this year we are going to celebrate our Eid in Kelantan for the first day of Raya, so my parents decided to break fast at my Atok's house..So, from Terengganu, we went to Kuala Lumpur as my dad has got some works to do and two days later, we started packing and off we went to Batu Pahat.

This has been one of the most exciting moments in my life..One thing I love to fast in Johor is because of the dishes that will be cooked and prepared by my beloved atok mak. On the way back, we stopped by in Malacca to fetch my second sister at her rented house. I was thinking of roti jala, rendang daging and also kari ayam for my break fast. But, I keep it to myself first and I asked my dad to drive as fast as he can to reach there early so, I can help her to cook all my fav dishes. Around 4.30pm, the car has been parked nicely at the car porch of my atok's house. As soon as I arrived, I get out of the car, took all the bags out, 'salam' my atok, and I shoved myself to the kitchen and get prepared to help her. As I was about to request her to cook the dishes for me, I saw something on the table and the 'thing' were covered. So, I put off the cover and guess what's inside it?? Oh yes!!!!! Roti Jala that were being placed nicely on the plates. Yes!!! Atok, that makes me love you more.

Atok mak, has always been the kind of person who notes everything that her daughters, son, sons-in-law, and also her grandchildren love in her head. Yes, in her head. She can remember all single little thing about us including all the birth dates in her head. And she always be the first to give us the 'token' for our birthday..hehe..;) Back to the story, then I helped her with the kari ayam, and cempedak goreng..there were two more foods that she prepared for us that day. They were bubur kacang and also botok (if I' not mistaken)..At about 7pm, my uncle, Ayahcu arrived with his wife, Umi, Karimah, Hakim, Syida and my youngest cousin, Amri...few minutes later the sirens rang to inform that we can break our fast already.

We ate happily and I was the most happy person as I liked all the foods. ;)..Finished eatings, then, we helped atok mak to clean all the tables, plates, dishes, floor and all. I finally got to sit down and chit chat with my beloved cousin, Syida (she just got back from Cairo) and my sister while waiting for the Isya' prayer. Then, off we went to the new masjid that was built to replace the old masjid in Kg Istana. After tarawih, we went back home and getting ready to sleep.

The next day, after sahur and subuh prayer, we slept and about 8 in the morning, my mum woke us up to bring us to Atok Ayah's grave. I miss him so much..I miss his calmness, tidiness and all. Thing that makes me remind him most is when I sit down at the sofa or the benches outside, somehow the moments will make me remember him when he used to like to sit on the sofa looking at the people outside the house..He liked to relax himself at the chairs at the verandah and breathe the air and sometimes, he even sleeps there. Oh, back to the point discussed, we recited yassin and al-fatihah to him. Al-fatihah...Hope that this Ramadhan, he visits us, so, although I can't see him, but I can still feel his presence.

And because now we are living in Terengganu so, the journey back will take us around 8 hours to arrive our home, so, my dad asked to pack our belongings early so, we can move early...and mak dik and family came to atok mak's house half an hour before we departed just to meet us..heheheh. I love my mak dik..On our way back, we stopped by at mak teh's house and looked at the progress of her new house. Wow, rumah raya...And we are now in Terengganu..Enjoyed my weekend. I can't wait to get back for celebrate it with my love one.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missing them

I am posting two posts for today. I just read my girlfriends' blogs whom they are not only my girlfriends but also my happiness and my sadness. I'm gonna say I miss them a lot. To get to know them is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Thanks to Allah when He answered my prayer and gave me the chance to know them..They are the Cacatians. Well, that is not what I call them but that's the group name which I dont really know who invented the name. I like it though.

We enjoyed our days and nights doing the work together and shopped together. I miss the moments back in Iran when we enjoyed every second and minute of time laying on the park, snapping photos and praying and laughing and giggling around a]like there's no end for us at that time..I really wanna go there once more and this time is during winter and I wanna go there with them. Sure we are going to rock the place like we did before. Jom honeymoon ramai-ramai.  Missing u all girls. Crying now. Kememeh kan. I dont care. T.T

The girls that made me know what's the best thing of living in UIA..

We are The Cacatians
(ainul, bella, bo, farah, hazirah, ijah, leha, lissa, mai, paan, skem, yaya)

10th Interschool Debating Championship 2011

Well, this year's event was being held starting from 16th July 2011 - 20th July 2011. Participants this year are more compared to previous years where the number of schools reaching to the point of exceeding the limits and to those who were late, their schools were listed in the waiting list. Whoa, that shows that this event now is recognized widely by schools all over the country.. I'm not gonna say more on this things as the event ended almost 2-3 weeks before. I'm just gonna state who were the winners..

Arabic Category

1st place: SMAP Labu
2nd place: SMI Hidayah, Johor

English Category

1st place: SMI Hidayah, Johor
2nd place: SDAR

Malay category

1st place: SDAR
2nd place: SMAP Kajang

Congratulations to all the winners, the best speakers and all..and, as for my reviews, the event was so-so but the participants were to know new students..and got to learn arabic words as I was incharged as P-I-C for arabic category..they did really well and I wish I can be one of them who can speaks arab really well as well as the day I hope. Amin.

Here are some photos that I wanna share with all of you. Credits to Fahmi Faudzi and his friend whom is also a new friend of mine, Ibrahim Zamani.


Incharged of ushering these students from SBI Gombak. The boys are so mischievious.

Aisyah and the participants


Arabic debaters from SMI Hidayah, Johor. Won second place


Razak,english debater from SDAR. Best speaker.

Committees and Fahmi

Committees and Keri

Speaker from SDAR.


With BOB, debater from SDAR

English debaters from Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya. On my right handside is one of the best speakers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Salam Ramadhan

Without realizing the time ticking so fast, I last posted something on the blog for such a long time already. And now the month of Ramadhan has greeted us once again... This time I'm hoping that my deeds can be added more and I can perform all the 30 days of tarawikh and fasting...Amin...Wishing u all Happy Ramadhan and wish that this Ramadhan will be filled with blessings and good things.. Salam