Tuesday, March 10, 2009

its a D life

first of all.this post is not to offense any pihak.just wanna give a point of view je.from what other people's tought.that day,when i was having a supper with my mum and dad kat one area in bangsar,terserempak la ng this bunch of datin.ble ternampak life dorg,terigt kat crite datin diaries.their lifestyle mg la cam best.but we dont know what is inside their hearts.ada probs ke or anything else.

klaka2 jugak dorg.i guess dorg baru balik dari majlis sumthing kot.bcoz their dress sgt2 la bling2. gaya cam humble but in the same time macam bossy pun ada.dont knowla.dont wanna talk about them too much bcoz the topic is to discuss general things on D life. sum of them nampak cm baik.very humble.masuk je ngan sume org.sum of them not. ble tgk blk,btul ke the way of life dorg,or maybe the way dorg call each other is always like datin A,datin B said that she'll be going to datin c's house to have their high tea.macm tu ke?or maybe lifestyle dorg is just like other people yang always cakap, A,u nak pergi rumah B tak?.is it that way.

maybe im wrong.tp,i always thought of those kind of things.pastu,klu baca dlam malay novels la kan.sumtimes ada la parents2 yang ada title ni macam memilih nak anak2 dorg kawan ng certain people je yang background cam dorg.tp,ada plak yang jenis tak kisah.cmne tu?ntahla.maybe it is because i always tried to avoid from them kot.tp,mostly la my fren yang mane anak2 org bertitle ni mmg cam tak pandang je kalau kite ni cikai or sengkek.dont know la whether dorg ade niat ke tak..ade plak yang jenis humble sampai org pun tak thu yang sebenarnya dorg ni anak2 datuk and datin.klu plak ade datin and datuk yang tak kisah,tunggu bas tepi jalan is also ok to them.haha.crite tu mmg wujud.high tea pun duk bersembang kat tepi jalan sambil tgk anak2 main and pakai kain batik je.

ntahla.its a D life.and these things are not only happens to them but to all people yang without title jgk.normal things happen.hmm,btw,im soooo happy today as iz called me.miss her and na a lot.