Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our life has its own up and down

This post was supposed to be posted few days before but because of some reasons, I did not post it.

Yesterday may be the day that I feel like everything is not right. What I did are all wrong and felt like a loser. You know, loser. But I know, things will get better as time goes on. What U need is just to have faith in Him and always ask for the best. I feel it now. Always pray for my best and accept it openly. Yesterday did teach me a lot. And today gives me new experience in facing the real life. And tomorrow, I know it will be my 'Up' day. If you dont really understand this, then, it means that only me know what I want. Anyway, after facing all the hardest things through my days in campus, finally, I got my own time to be happy and enjoy my days and life. Thanks Him for letting me to feel the happiness and thanks to you mum and dad for giving me the chances. I'm happy now and hope that other things will bring me happiness too. But if it turns out to be vice versa, I still have to thank Him. He will give me the best!!!

I will be updating new things. yeah feel like writing a lot of things after coming back from two weeks holidays! fun babe!