Friday, July 17, 2009

architecture taaruf week

time to go back to university.hmm,after having my two weeks holidays, feel fresh to come back to the university with a new life as a student.

first week was really busy.ya, have to settle on the add and drop things.then have to participate in the architecture taaruf week. actually i was waiting for the moment for so long to gather back with my two roommates.yela syud dan pnut, tak lupe jgk ida. quite a long time i tak jumpa dorg.since the last time waktu dorg dtg kat,i can meet them and chat and gelak2 like before. so, when the first day which was on monday, i went to kaed gallery hoping to meet them there. after i had done with my registration things,saw them and gather dan berlaku the scene yang bising2 cam 10 thn tak jumpa.ok, it was the time for us to get into our own respectetive group. i was in frank lloyd wright group. being the group at first was really bored me out. yela no frens. except for kak alia and kak farah.knew them but not tt close. so, the feeling was like the first time i stepped into segi consultant. but ater a while i can get along with them eventhough the relationship are not tt close like i used to be in segi office. but still okla. admit tt im not helping a lot on doing the sculpture thing.just done simple things cause i was like lost of what they are doing actually. just follow on the track.but really proud of them.they can do the thing yang mmg look like from sampah.

owh, before that, the project that we had to do was actually to design a sculpture by using recycle materials such as papers,bottles,and all. and it was devided into three sections which was mobile,building and playground. all the groups had done a great job. they did it really well. a big round of applause to them. after presenting all the sculptures, we were entertained by a group of this NGO students.they did a perfomance by using all the recycle items like cans, bottle, dustbin, and all. the perfomance was so nice. and they manage to attract our attention to listen to them from beginning till the end. well done guys. and for the most awaited moment was the prize giving award. and all the winners won a hamper which was full wit a lot of foods. can be shared with a lot of people. our group won the first runner up and they were also other groups which i cant remember the name. and the grand prize winner was been given the biggest hamper and the group was santiago caltrave group.congratulations to all the winners.

the end of the sculpture competition. and they are going to have some games by tomorrow which is on u guys are going to have a lot fun during the games.just wait and see.