Friday, January 25, 2013


Hi there,

This is just my random post which I don't really have any topics to be written actually. So, I was sitting down in my room with my younger sister laying on my bed reading a novel and I decided to have a look at my blog which I think I haven't been posting for a year and half and now I just feel like posting something on this dusty blog.

Well...... how do I start this. Okay, let me go with my life within these hundreds of days. A big yeahhh to me cause after struggling for years, at last I have my first degree in Architecture. Only He knows how I'd been struggling during the times. Yes, the times of my ups and downs. The time when I feel like regret for choosing this course (and at times I do feel that I should listen to my father's advice to further my study in Engineering). But, engineering is just so not my course of interest. I love to design,sketch ( even I'm not good at it) but who cares, I just love it. A wise man said that "do what you love to do because you are going to live with what you do". Now, I am waiting for my application to further my studies to Master@2nd Degree of Architecture. ;)). Pray for my best peeps.

Okay, I've been thinking for like half and hour on what should I write next and I couldn't find one. So, till we meet again dearest friends. <3 p="">
Oh, here is one of my graduation photos.;)