Friday, September 26, 2008


Wednesday night, 24th September 2008, behind the H block of Mahallah Asma', we lighted on the bunga api as it was just after ramadhna and in the month of Syawal. We tried to follow these one couple in a TV Show, We Got Married. They made a word by using bunga api. It was hard to make it using the bunga api and after lots of attempts, at last we did it....this is the outcome and the one that was very difficult was the word of e.

This is the okay one

and to show our love towards super junior we did the word 'suju' and the j alphabet was really2 tough to do.

and after it was being edited, it becomes like this.

or this

Then, these are all the pics showing the fun that we had on that night.

buka puasa with studiomates

On Monday, 21st of September Section 1 students held a majlis berbuka puasa at Marina Restaurant. The restaurant is in front of the muslims cemetery... It was really havoc. We all had a great day as our bleoved brothers joined us.. Both of them were really sporting as I guess it maybe because the age gap between us is not that far so we can get along well.

irwan,mu'i,lokman and shy

Eating time

Akasia girls

akfan(class rep) and brother mirzam

At this time,we pity Akfan cause he had to settle our foods first before he can have his. And to those who had to wait for a long time for their foods. The hunger+fatigue faces were shown by them as they were so hungry and had to wait for quite a long time.

brother salman

I really enjoyed this moment when we were eating and eating and eating until the tummy can get burst if we add a bite more. I love this studio as we are all unite.

Friday, September 19, 2008

makan time!!!

Last week on friday,12th of september 2008,we went to IKEA to have our buka puasa. It is my favourite place to hang out with my parents and yesterday, I brought all my frens there to have a buffet. The prices is okay and affordable for students like us.

It was supposed to be this bunch of people

but turned out to be this much of people

ija,ainul,pnut,hazirah,syud,kam and nani!!

information counter gals

waiting for the shuttle bus


Met my friends from UIA PJ. Miss them so much. The girls that came were not as expected. Supposedly we have 15 members in our group. But,most of them are busy with their projects. If all of them can joined us on that day, it'll be much fun.

And there was this one time, one of our friend, she started to do her crazy acts when in Ikano Power Center. We stopped by in front of a shop that sells all the party's things. We were thinking of buying blue balloons as we wanna capture some photos to do a fan book for Super Junior. We have to take pictures that are showing the nice sides of our country as it will be compiled into one book and other fans from other countries are also participating in this project. Then, this little friend of ours, she simply stood in front of the shop's entrance and pleading to buy the balloons as the shop was about to closed. No, it was closed already, but this girl, she doesn't even wanna move from the shop and she kept on pleading. We were stressed with the girl but it was funny though seeing her face like that.

Somehow,I kinda miss my old friends from my old schools. My friends from primary and secondary school. If I can meet them, it must be fun. Missing them a lot. Missing the moments we used to have together.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

suju time!!

Heechul and Teukkie oppa
Yesung oppa
Kyuhyun oppa
Leeteuk oppa

On 30th of july 2008!! super junior came to malaysia!!!!

It was the moment that I have been waiting for.

meeting them is one of my dream especially heechul.

he is like my dream guy!!!

Ijah's dad was generous enough to bring us there. He sent and picked us up from the airport. We went there on Thursday and luckily they came here on Thursday as we didnt have any classes on that day except for Bahasa Malaysia. Then, in the afternoon, after zohor prayer, we went to the airport. Of course we had to wait for almost an hour after the arrival schedule. And...............the most important thing is, we gave them a painting made by us. We painted it with love and care just for the boys and for sure we hope that it'll get to one the member's hand. We'll be proud by then.

This picture was taken during the wrapping time. No other pictures were been taken as we are in hurry to the airport from our university. We even bought the wrappers and wrap it there in the airport. Afraid that it'll be too late.

Then, about 5.30, with their handsome-long-tired-face, they came out from the arriving hall. That was the first team to arrive from Korea. There is another team which boarded a bit late form the first team. They arrived around 6.30pm about an hour late from the first team. The fans there just can't control themselves as soon as the members came out from the hall, they were screaming like crazy. There were people pushing each other just to get near to the members. Even the guard can't do anything but they still did a good job on protecting the members from getting hurt by the fans.

What made me happy was, I get to see eye on eye with the one and only boyfie that I have right now Kim Heechul @ heechullie oppa!!! Omg, he's so handsome same goes to the leader eeteuk. And what made things funny was that, there was this time when the fans were running like saving themselves from a building that is on fire, suddenly there is a shoe without the pair was found and it was been assured that it was left behind by the most-beautiful-unknown-modern-cinderella and one of the guard asked "sape punya kasut plakla yg tercicir ni" with his palm on his head and he looked confused with the situation. I was standing behind him and I just laughed...

Second trip arrived around 7pm Malaysian time. This time, I waited at the bus area in front of the elevator. And lucky me and Ijah, we got to see them clearly without pushing and without all the chaotics, .Because all the fans waited them at the arrival area. Then, when the boys were on the elevator to get to the bus area which is downstairs, they started running as fast as their feet can go.

This time, we also get the chance to be near them where we are standing just infront of the van that was boarded by Kyuhyun, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk. What can I do was just to stand still and had a long stare at them. Arghhhh missing the moments. Heechul was on the bus that also brought leader Eeteuk, Yesung and Sungmin..

After they get on their bus and van, we finally had to waved them goodbye as they had to attend the MMA in Genting Highland..After they went off, we had our maghrib prayer and went back to our campus. We met new friends which they were also from same university as us.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

17th sept 2008

17th september 2008

It has been a long time I didn't active with my blog. I'm still new to this thing and still learning. Hmm, currently, I had done 4 projects and now, I'm preparing for my last project. It is called hybrid hut.

It's about the end of the semester right now. I'll miss the moment with my roommates and studiomates. I have three roommates and one minor roommate. Talking about my roommates,i have one roommate whom I thought she is very cool at first. After being her roommate, she seems to be so different from what I thought she was. Then, there is another girl, with her korean lifestyle and korean oppas and noonas....hehe.....and I got this one weird girl as my roomate and she is very odd from other people. I can accept it if we are afraid of insects or 'flying insects' but not flying birds.....haha....and this girl seems to be having a symptom of 'birdie -phobia'. Lastly, my minor roommate. She is the coolest among all. But, when anyone tries to get on her butt, she can be the most dangerous person on if you are dare enough..only god knows!!

I have 42 studiomates....hehe.......I love all my studiomates. We can get along well....hmm,as what older people said 'manusia ni ada macam macam ragam'. Same goes to my roommates and my studiomates..and also me myself...

Raya is just around the corner and it's about two weeks to go. Counting the days now.....I didn't even think of the baju kurung yet. What colour am I having this year. It's going to be fun this raya as my birthday is on the first day of raya....