Sunday, November 8, 2009


OK. My latest entry after leaving this blogging thing for about a month or maybe more. iam going to tell u guys about my new experience of watching theatre. it was CUCI CUCI THE MUSICAL. Well, the people who's working behind the stage most of them were artists. they were dato zahim albakri,dato' yasmin yusoff, hans isaac, harith iskandar and more. couldnt list it all. It was a great experience of watching them in front of me LIVE. wush. At first i was thinking of watching it on thursday night with ija and hazirah. But since, the tickets sold out and I cant afford to buy the rm113 seat, so, we just went back to my house with a very dissapointed feeling. But, as a precaution, we bought two tickets at first for me and hazirah on sunday evening so that we can catch up to watch the musical theatre. Ija was not buying it as she THOUGHT she doesnt want to watch it on sunday. But, we convinced her not to miss out to watch the last day of the theatre, she then bought two tickets more for her and nadia.

And today, all the four of us went to istana budaya which is the glamour name is IB, we went there and watched them all. The players that were involved in this theatre were Hans Isaac, Afdlin Shauki,AC Mizal, Awie,Vanida Imran,Adibah Noor,Harith Iskandar, Ramli hassan and also not to forget the one and only the ESPN Host, Reefa. As what had been thought before, it will be a lot of fun to watch it on the last day as all the players really put a lot of efforts in the musical. It was SUPERB!!!!! I give them two thumbs up as it really2 impressed me and the others. not to say that they are not doing their best on the other days. It is just that, this time, they did it really all out. Even my friends who watched it for two times on different days which once in the weekdays and the other one was today, they said, there are difference. Their ad-libs were really funny. And they also did a lot of ad-libs. It was so funny until I couldnt stop laughing.

Met a bunch of artists today other than the players. they were yasmin yusoff, Rashidi Ishak, who is the husband of Vanida Imran,Douglas Lim, Stephen Rahman and others. I dont want to miss the chance of snapping photos with them, so we bought the book for rm10 and we queue to take their autographs. It was a long queue. It was now my turn to meet them and first was Harith Iskandar. He was sooo sporting. and....... chill, dude. then to Ramli Hassan, AC, Awie( so rock), Hans (wow, he's really handsome man), Afdlin (i dont know somehow i feel like his character is like my dad), Vee,Reefa,and lastly Adibah Noor. took pictures with them. And not to forget, i took a picture with Rashidi too.

But the photos are not with me now, so,i'll upload it later after taking it from my friend. As for the overall review, it was really FANTASTIC and for those who didnt watch it, you missed the chance to see a great musical that was done by Malaysians. I admit that their achievement are still not in par with other great great musical such as Phantom Of The Opera, CATS, and all but this is a great start for us to support our country and people. Other than PGL, CUCI CUCI THE MUSICAL can also be a great achievement by malaysian people. GREAT job guys. About their quality of voices, their voice were really nice and the person that made me stunned was Vanida Imran. Never thought that she has a great voice. Her voice was really nice and Afdlin too. As i know that, Hans and Afdlin and also Ramli Hassan are not singers, they really did nice job with their singings. Im sorry if they are singers cause as far as I know, they are not. Whatever it is, it was great. Im wondering if they do sell the soundtracks of the songs that they sang in the theatre as I really love the songs.

As my interest is to be one of the people working backstage and design stage, looking at the props, it was fantastic. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It makes me speechless. Im waiting for the day that i can be one of the person who did all that. And lastly, CUCI CUCI THE MUSICAL was really x100 GREAT and it was my pleasure that I got the opportunity to watch it. CONGRATULATIONS once again for ur achievements. mind my english. its getting worse day by day as i rarely practice writing nowadays.