Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missing them

I am posting two posts for today. I just read my girlfriends' blogs whom they are not only my girlfriends but also my happiness and my sadness. I'm gonna say I miss them a lot. To get to know them is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Thanks to Allah when He answered my prayer and gave me the chance to know them..They are the Cacatians. Well, that is not what I call them but that's the group name which I dont really know who invented the name. I like it though.

We enjoyed our days and nights doing the work together and shopped together. I miss the moments back in Iran when we enjoyed every second and minute of time laying on the park, snapping photos and praying and laughing and giggling around a]like there's no end for us at that time..I really wanna go there once more and this time is during winter and I wanna go there with them. Sure we are going to rock the place like we did before. Jom honeymoon ramai-ramai.  Missing u all girls. Crying now. Kememeh kan. I dont care. T.T

The girls that made me know what's the best thing of living in UIA..

We are The Cacatians
(ainul, bella, bo, farah, hazirah, ijah, leha, lissa, mai, paan, skem, yaya)

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